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Our virtual clinic will open the week of July 10, 2023 and start to offer the following services:

  • -multidisciplinary intake assessments for individual therapy with followup appointments available
  • -mental health webinars, group meditations, and professionally facilitated support groups to follow in Summer 2023

Our signup portal is easy to use, but just in case here is a guide to help you.

Appointments are currently available without a waitlist. Must be 18+ years old.

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High quality addiction & mental health education delivered by experts


Live with Q & A - Summer 2023

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Instant Education - Available Now

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Group Meditations

Live - Summer 2023

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Recovery Circles

Virtual Support Groups - Fall 2023

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Virtually On Demand - TBA

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Recovery Collective

Private Community - TBA

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Emotional Literacy

For many of us, growing up in a household where feelings were not talked about at all, is a relatable experience. While it is unfortunate that talking about feelings is an often overlooked life skill, the upside is that it is possible to learn this skill at any point in one’s life. When talking with …

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Feeling “Stuck”

Are you feeling “stuck” right now? Not sure what to do or where to go? Feeling like everything happening around you is going against you? Feeling overwhelmed? Lots of dynamics and a variety of feelings can be at play when people find themselves feeling “stuck.” Some common underlying themes will be explored below. Fear When …

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Self-comfort vs Self-care

Do you know the difference between self-comfort and self-care? Are you wondering if what you have been identifying as “self-care” may actually be harming you? Read below to learn more. Self-comfort Self-comfort can be thought of as turning to something in a non-conscious manner, where we may be seeking to numb ourselves out, “veg out,” …

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