Services offered include:

  • Mental health education via website articles
  • Mental health education via podcasts
  • Webinars on behavioural change and mental health topics
  • Individual, comprehensive initial assessment ($300 one-time cost associated, click here for more detail.); First 1-4 sessions
  • Individual psychotherapy treatment; limited to 24 total sessions (inclusive of the sessions required to complete the initial assessment)

You can read more about how we help, here.

In order to pursue individual therapy at Think Recovery, you must agree to and adhere to the following at all times:

  • Show up on time to all of your scheduled appointments and be ready to engage sincerely
  • Attend appointments from a private, and quiet location with a reliable internet connection and without interruption or disturbance from others
  • Attend appointments for their full scheduled duration
  • Be an active participant in your own treatment; sharing honestly, openly, and being willing to follow through on treatment recommendations
  • Not consume any substances prior to or during your scheduled appointments and otherwise not show up intoxicated, hungover, or under the influence of any substances for any of your appointments
  • Proactively communicate any need to reschedule appointments 48+ hrs in advance of their originally scheduled time
  • Commit to attending weekly appointments
  • Commit to attending appointments from Monday to Friday at 11:30 AM, 1:00 PM, or 2:30 PM as available/offered to you; sticking with a consistent day/time each week

Failure to adhere to the above will preclude the possibility of a safe and effective therapeutic alliance and thus will lead to termination of the therapy and patient-physician relationship.

No. Only virtual psychotherapy services are offered to people living throughout Alberta with a valid Alberta Health Card. If you are in need of a family physician you are encouraged to call Healthlink at 811, or visit this website: for more information.

There are two ways people can sign up to access services of Think Recovery:

  1. Have your physician send a referral to Think Recovery (click here for detail)
  2. Book directly by signing up via our secure registration form located here

*Note that a valid Alberta Health Care number is required to access services of Think Recovery.

  • Reading the expert-written articles available on the website
  • Listening to the podcast on-demand
  • Attending live webinars on behaviour change & mental health related topics

Think Recovery only provides virtual services. As part of being referred to the clinic by a physician, or if self-referring, you understand that you must visit your family physician and/or the referring physician for any in-person services you may require. Otherwise, you must seek in-person care at a health care facility local to you (ex. Family physician office, walk-in clinic, urgent care, or emergency department) as required for your health care needs, call Health Link at 811 for health advice/information/assistance finding a family physician, or call 911 if you are in medical distress.

Yes, individual appointments can be accessed by signing up for a comprehensive, initial assessment. Click here for more detail. Click here to indicate your interest.

Complete the patient registration form located here. By doing so you will receive an email with the details to join the online videoconference as well as receive reminder emails. This service is free to attend with a valid Alberta Health Card number.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 and/or visit your nearest emergency department immediately.

Resources for mental health crises include:

  • Distress Line Edmonton (780) 482-4357
  • Distress Centre Calgary (403) 266-1601
  • Talk Suicide Canada 1-833-456-4566
  • Alberta 24/7 Addiction Helpline 1-866-332-2322

No. The only exception to this would be if canceling the initial assessment with sufficient advance notice (48 hours or more). If any unpaid balances have been incurred with the clinic then there will be no refunds. Any refunds issued are subject to be minus any processing fees incurred.