New Patient Intake

The cost for administering the New Patient Comprehensive Initial Intake Form, and reviewing it in advance of the first appointment is $300. This is a one-time cost.

Physician time spent on administrative tasks and reviewing essential patient information in preparation of seeing a patient for psychotherapy is not covered by Alberta Healthcare.

After booking an intake assessment you will receive a patient welcome package via email. Upon receiving the patient welcome package the following is required:

  1. The patient profile and intake forms must be completed prior to your first appointment with Dr. Sharma.

If payment for the intake assessment is not submitted at the time of receiving your welcome package, your intake appointment will be cancelled.

*A valid credit card is required to be kept on file with the clinic. Read the next section below for more detail. Please note that GST may be applicable.

Valid Credit Card On File

A valid credit card is required to be kept on file prior to booking an intake appointment for individual therapy and any followup appointments. This is to process payments due to the clinic for any late cancellation/missed appointment/no show fees incurred.

A credit card is not required to be kept on file if only attending clinic services covered by Alberta Healthcare (ex. weekly virtual group meditations, and monthly mental health webinars; *both of which are not currently offered).

Late Cancellation or No Show Fee or Partial Appointments

As per clinic policy, any late cancellation or late rescheduling (less than 48 hrs advance notice given) or missed appointments (no shows) will be charged at a rate of $300.

Late attendance to an individual appointment with a physician by 5 or more minutes after the scheduled appointment time, will be counted as a late cancellation/no show and charged the full missed appointment fee of $300, with the appointment being rescheduled after successfully processing the payment. It is important to have access to the full hour for therapeutic work to be facilitated and that there exist a shared responsibility in being punctual for appointments.

Attending an appointment while intoxicated or actively using substances during appointments will lead to the appointment being cancelled and will incur the full $300 missed appointment fee, with the appointment being rescheduled after successfully processing the payment.

Partial appointments are not permitted as it is a mutual commitment by patient and physician to attend weekly therapy appointments for their full duration of 1 hour in order to facilitate effective therapeutic work and as such any missed appointment time from the full hour will be subject to a charge at a prorated amount at the rate of $300/hr.

As long as patients attend their appointments at the scheduled time, for the full duration of the appointment, and without being under the influence of substances or using substances during appointments, there is no cost for followup appointments with a physician.

Please note that GST may be applicable.

Expectations of Patients in Individual Therapy

In order to pursue individual therapy at Think Recovery, you must agree to and adhere to the following at all times:

  • Show up on time to all of your scheduled appointments and be ready to engage sincerely
  • Attend appointments from a private, and quiet location with a reliable internet connection and without interruption or disturbance from others
  • Attend appointments for their full scheduled duration
  • Be an active participant in your own treatment; sharing honestly, openly, and being willing to follow through on treatment recommendations
  • Not consume any substances prior to or during your scheduled appointments and otherwise not show up intoxicated, hungover, or under the influence of any substances for any of your appointments
  • Proactively communicate any need to reschedule appointments 48+ hrs in advance of their originally scheduled time
  • Commit to attending weekly appointments
  • Commit to attending appointments from Monday to Friday at 11:30 AM, 1:00 PM, or 2:30 PM as available/offered to you; sticking with a consistent day/time each week

Failure to adhere to the above will preclude the possibility of a safe and effective therapeutic alliance and thus will lead to termination of the therapy and patient-physician relationship.