New Patient Intake

The cost for the multidisciplinary, individual assessment is $300*:

  • $100 for an hour long individual intake appointment with a mental health nurse to review your medical, social, family, mental health, and addiction history
  • $200 for an hour long individual appointment with a psychotherapist
  • Physician hour long individual intake appointment covered by Alberta Healthcare

Above payment of $300 is for the nurse and psychotherapist appointments only and is required in advance to reserve your appointment time with the intake nurse.

After booking an intake assessment you will receive a patient welcome package via email. Upon receiving the patient welcome package the following is required:

  1. The patient profile and intake forms must be completed prior to your first appointment with the mental health nurse.

If payment for the intake assessment is not submitted at the time of receiving your welcome package, your intake appointment with the nurse will be cancelled.

The psychotherapist and physician intake appointments will be booked by the intake nurse at the end of your first appointment.

*A valid credit card is required to be kept on file with the clinic. Read the next section below for more detail. Please note that GST may be applicable.

Valid Credit Card On File

A valid credit card is required to be kept on file prior to booking an intake appointment for individual therapy and any followup appointments. This is to process payments due to the clinic for any late cancellation/missed appointment/no show fees incurred.

A credit card is not required to be kept on file if only attending clinic services covered by Alberta Healthcare (ex. weekly virtual group meditations, and monthly mental health webinars).

Late Cancellation or No Show Fee

As per clinic policy, any late cancellation (less than 48 hrs advance notice given) or missed appointments (no shows) will be charged at a rate of $200 per hour.

Late attendance of a scheduled physician appointment is also subject to a charge of $50 billed in 15 minute increments (ex. If someone has an appointment scheduled for 1 PM and they log in fifteen minutes late at 1:15 PM they would be billed $50. If they logged in thirty minutes late to their appointment at 1:30 PM they would be billed $100, etc.). This policy applies to individual therapy appointments.

As long as patients attend their appointments at the scheduled time and for the full duration of the appointment, there is no cost for followup appointments with a physician.

Please note that GST may be applicable.

Recovery Circles (Professionally Facilitated Virtual Group Therapy)

Signing up for the Recovery Circles is a 6 week commitment. This is done to to promote accountability, maintain group integrity, maintain group safety, build group cohesion, and group trust. Recovery Circles are facilitated by a physician and a psychotherapist. The total cost associated with this 6 week commitment is $360. 

The Recovery Circles take place on the same day per week and at the same time, for 90 minutes, with each group limited to a maximum of 6 participants to allow each participant ample time to share as well as to allow for group discussion. See our FAQ for more detail (under the heading, “Is there a cost for the Recovery Circles?”).

Please note that GST may be applicable.

Individual Followup Appointments

Rates are as follows:
Physician followup appointment (with valid AB Healthcard): no cost
Psychotherapist followup appointment: $200/hr

For individual therapy followup appointments, payment is due at time of service delivery.

Please note that GST may be applicable.