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About Us

We are an energetic team of trained professionals, eager to assist you with an accessible, convenient, and comprehensive approach to mental health and behavioural medicine treatment. 

Our Services

Comprehensive behavioural change & mental health therapy services

Individual Therapy

1-on-1 virtual therapy from anywhere in Alberta

Group Therapy

Therapy within a small group setting helps build relational skills, lessen shame, and build community

Group Meditations

Practice meditation and have your questions about it answered

Mental Health Webinars

Learn more from our experts about common behavioural & mental health related topics

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We offer everything from individual to group therapy, group meditations, mental health webinars, an expert written blog, and podcast!


With our 3-phase, multidisciplinary assessment you can trust that we will understand your context and provide personalized treatment recommendations to address the root cause of your symptoms.

How do I start individual therapy?

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2) Book an Appointment

Choose your desired appointment time with our mental health nurse. After booking you will receive an email with access to our secure patient portal with an intake form to complete.

3) 1 Hr Nurse Appt

The first appointment in our 3-Phase Intake process for individual therapy is with our Mental Health Nurse, reviewing your personal and medical history to help us better understand your context.

4) 1 Hr Therapist Appt

The second appointment is with a Registered Psychotherapist where they provide their psychological assessment.

5) 1 Hr Physician Appt

The third appointment is with a Medical Doctor reviewing treatment options and next steps. *Not currently available as Dr. Sharma's practice is full.*

6) Book Followup Appts

Followup appointment costs:
Physician: $0/hr
Psychotherapist: $200/hr

How We Help

Conditions Treated

Types of Therapy

We use an integrative, and eclectic approach to therapy. We use a blend of the best techniques that resonate with you

Our Story

An Identified Need

Witnessing the inadequacies in our current medical education and training systems regarding behavioural change and mental health, I ventured out of my way to learn more and grow both personally and professionally. In my work as a physician-psychotherapist, I have had many patients ask me about resources that I can direct them to so they can learn more about the concepts that we discuss. Unfortunately, there isn’t much out there that I have felt comfortable enough directing patients to as there is so much misinformation out there.

Empowering Patients

I developed Think Recovery as a virtual platform dedicated to making high quality mental health education and services available to Albertans. While access to information is more readily available than ever, access to qualified, and trained professionals who can help interpret and translate that knowledge to help you build the awareness and learn the skills you need can be a challenge.

Join us for our mental health webinars, tune in to our podcast, attend our group meditations, sign up for individual therapy, or for our professionally facilitated virtual group therapy. Think Recovery!


-Dr. Sharma

Our Approach

We provide evidence-based, holistic treatment that addresses the whole person. Treatment recommendations will include attending to your physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health.

We also strongly believe in addressing the root cause of your mental health symptoms and this includes thoroughly assessing for the presence of any compulsive substance or behavioural habit that may be causing or exacerbating your symptoms, as well as gradually exploring your family-of-origin dynamics and relationship patterns.

Our values are honesty, openness, willingness to try differently, compassion, mutual respect, confidentiality, and understanding. 

We believe in a supportive, self-management model of care that empowers patients with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to better support their needs, while providing comprehensive, and longitudinal professional care.

Our clinic does not prescribe medications, though our licensed physician can make recommendations regarding this.

We're Ready When You Are

  • Are you looking for compassionate, and experienced mental health professionals who you can have a real conversation with? 
  • Are you looking for a fresh perspective and a holistic approach to your mental health?
  • Are you ready to become a healthier, and happier version of yourself?
  • We can’t wait to meet you and we welcome the opportunity to be part of your healing process.


Multidisciplinary Intake for Individual Therapy (Virtual)

$300 one-time cost for all 3-Phases

Group Meditations & Mental Health Webinars

Covered by Alberta Healthcare

Professionally Facilitated Group Therapy

$360 for 6 consecutive 90 minute weekly sessions limited to 6 participants per cohort

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