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I’m Dr. Ishan Sharma and I am a family physician by training with a focused practice in addiction medicine and psychotherapy. I have treated patients with addiction across the entire spectrum of both substance (alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, prescription drugs, opioids, nicotine, etc.) as well as behavioural manifestations (food, gambling, pornography, sex, love/relationships/enmeshment, work, shopping, etc.). Through my training and subsequent independent practice, I have witnessed the impact of addiction and mental health challenges at the individual, family, community, and population levels.

An Identified Need

I have also witnessed the inadequacies in our current medical education and training systems where as I progressed through my own training and even more so as I entered independent practice, I had to acknowledge that much of what I was taught about addiction and mental health was not only inadequate, but incorrect, and honestly not helpful to my patients.

As I have ventured out of my way to learn and grow both personally and professionally, I have had many patients ask me about resources that I can direct them to so they can learn more about the concepts that we discuss. Unfortunately, there isn’t much out there that I have felt comfortable enough directing patients to as there is so much misinformation out there.

Empowering Patients

I developed Think Recovery as a virtual platform dedicated to making high quality, addiction and mental health education accessible for Canadians. While access to information is more readily available than ever, access to qualified, and trained professionals who can help interpret and translate that knowledge to help you build the awareness and learn the skills you need can be a challenge.

Join us for our professionally facilitated educational webinars, tune in to our podcast, drop in for a group meditation, or sign up for one of our Recovery Circle meetings.

Interested in learning more about yourself, growing as a person, and starting (or enriching) your own healing journey?

Think Recovery!

Nurse and Psychotherapist Bios Coming Soon.