Who is the individual assessment for?

Anyone interested in receiving professional, and confidential assistance with their mental health or substance or behavioural health concerns. It can be especially beneficial for people who are looking for a fresh perspective on what may be driving their symptoms, who are frustrated with experiencing persistent impairment from their mental health symptoms despite having previously sought medical intervention or unsuccessfully trying to figure things out on their own, or who are eager to pursue further self-growth.

What happens in the individual assessment?

The individual assessment is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, evaluation of your mental health and overall well-being. It is a three stage process that is outlined below.

Stage 1

The individual assessment begins with a new patient registering themselves with the clinic and submitting their $300 payment for the intake here. After successfully registering, you will receive a welcome package with intake forms to be completed prior to your initial intake appointment with a mental health nurse.

This first appointment will involve reviewing the intake forms and understanding your personal mental health, substance/behavioural habits, family, social, and medical history. This information will provide us with important context for your personal health up to this point.

At the end of your appointment with the mental health nurse, your next two intake appointments with the psychotherapist and physician will be booked.

Stage 2

The second stage of the individual assessment involves meeting with a psychotherapist for a one hour appointment, where they will perform their own psychological assessment of your symptoms and answer any questions you may have.

Stage 3

The third stage of the individual assessment involves meeting with a physician for a one hour appointment, where they will perform their own medical assessment as well and discuss a treatment plan moving forward.

How do I book an individual assessment?

Register yourself with the clinic here and follow the prompts to book your first intake appointment for individual therapy and submit your payment.

What is the cost of the individual assessment?

The cost for the multidisciplinary, individual assessment is $300*:

  • $100 for an hour long individual intake appointment with a mental health nurse to review your medical, social, family, mental health, and substance/behavioural habit history
  • $200 for an hour long individual appointment with a psychotherapist
  • Physician hour long individual intake appointment covered by Alberta Healthcare

Above payment of $300 is for the nurse and psychotherapist appointments only and is required in advance to reserve your appointment time with the intake nurse.

After booking an intake assessment you will receive a patient welcome package via email. Upon receiving the patient welcome package the following is required:

  1. The patient profile and intake forms must be completed prior to your first appointment with the mental health nurse

The psychotherapist and physician intake appointments will be booked by the intake nurse at the end of your first appointment.

*A valid credit card is required to be kept on file with the clinic. See our Policies & Fees section for more detail.

What are the next steps after I complete an individual assessment?

In your final appointment in the multidisciplinary assessment, this will be reviewed with the physician overseeing your care at Think Recovery. You are welcome to book hour long, individual therapy appointments in followup with a physician at no cost, or with a psychotherapist at a rate of $200/hr.